The Picture Book

Once upon a time, Veronica hoped to one day create a place full of shapes. She wanted all kinds of shapes – circles, triangles, ovals, hearts, etc.

One morning she sat under the tallest tree in Wonder Forest, her favorite spot where she scribbled down her thoughts.

From afar, a little Brown Fish Owl noticed her and flew down branch by branch without making a sound. He admired her scribbles and doodles.

She paused and looked up for a brief moment only to acknowledge her feathered new friend.

She reached out her notepad to show him.

Out of their mutual love of shapes, Owl’s Shape Adventure was created soon after.

Now, Veronica and Owl live happily side by side, hand in wing.

~The End~

Watch their picture book video below:

*50% of the author’s proceeds will benefit The Raptor Trust who are a New Jersey non-profit wild bird rehabilitation center. Please take a moment to see how we can help –