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Well, Can It Be So?!

Opened WordPress to find that this blog has reached a milestone!!! We have 500+ follows from you amazing people!!! 🤗 Just wanted to say, “Thank you!” This blog wouldn’t be possible without my WP peeps and those close-to-home readers (you know who you are) backing me up. So, so grateful! 😊

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WordPress .Blog Domain Reveal

If anyone is interested in a fresh new domain name full of more available opportunities, go check out WordPress .blog now. You can sign up before it goes live on November 21st. This is for everyone, not just WordPress users. And it looks like the standard fee is $30 per year. It’s a brilliant domain!…

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Color Your World: Mauvelous

I did a bit of research and listed a few fun facts about the color, mauvelous. it’s in the red color family. it was created in 1993, the year I graduated high school. (oy, I am old!) Kylie Jenner’s new lip line includes this color (not crazy about this last one but it’s a definite fact…

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Color Your World: Mahogany

This was yesterday’s color and I sketched a few on the train ride back home. Of course, I didn’t have time to post due to a temperamental coughing kid at home. So here you go, a day late. Sorry, folks! 😊 Enjoy your Mahogany cuppa this morning! XOXO P.S. *If interested, join the challenge here.

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Google Plus Issues

Hey everyone, I noticed today that I am having some issues with my Google+ posts. They were all marked private all along. Not sure what happened. I am attempting to resync it now so let’s see what happens. Everything on Google+ appeared correct. Posts were set as public and sharing to everyone. Fingers crossed. If…

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