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52 Fun Things To Do With Mom

As part of my birthday gift a few weeks ago, I received this beautiful paper-filled jar of 52 fun things to do with Mom. This is so sweet and a great way to re-connect with your children especially with our busy schedules. I wanted to share these fun things with you from time to time…

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Inktober Days 8-14

I have managed to do a few quick sketches everyday which put me ahead of the game. It feels great! I plan to post only 7 per week. Just to keep you guys guessing. My favorite doodle is number 10 – jump. 😍 Here are my submissions for this past week:

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Inktober: My Weekly Edition

As most of you may already know, this month is celebrated by people all over the world with their creative inked artwork called Inktober. I couldn’t miss out on this fun challenge so I have decided to take part by posting weekly due to my work schedule. If anyone is interested, just tag your work…

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Entering SoCS Badge Contest

So Linda is running a badge contest on her blog to anyone interested in creating a new badge for her weekly writing prompt called “Stream of Consciousness Saturday.” I have never participated in it but I have seen many bloggers having fun with it every Saturday. She has a way of suckering me in yet…

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