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Teardrop #ShapeAdventure Monthly Roundup

So last month I failed to post the oval roundup and I apologize deeply. Especially to Barbara who has been staying strong in our shape challenge here from month to month. Below are two of her entries: March – Ovals: https://teleportingweena.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/shape-adventure-march-oval/ April – Teardrops: https://teleportingweena.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/monthly-shape-adventure-teardrop/ A big thanks to her for all her lovely finds!…

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Join The Teardrop #ShapeAdventure

For the month of April we will adventure out and find teardrop shapes everywhere. I hope this shape will be easier than last month’s oval shapes. LOL! I actually doodled some teardrops below. And then some more that we found around the house. Anyone interested in joining our shape adventure family, read more about it…

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