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About #Owls: #FunFact No. 12

So I thought it was time again to continue my series about fun owl facts. But I will be posting them once per month instead of my previous weekly schedule. Hope that’s okay with everyone. This next one continues with no. 12: Owls are most vocal during breeding season, making haunting hoots and scary screeches.…

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About Owls: #FunFactFriday No. 9

No. 9 Owls have three eyelids for: 1) blinking 2) sleeping and 3) keeping the eyes clean and healthy. Back in 2013, HuffPost published a video of an unconscious owl (apparently crashed into a storefront window) that a Korean man found on the ground. He awakens his feathery friend by saying, “Sir, get yourself together.” According to the Audubon Society…

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