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The Search Is Over

Alright, owl fans!!! The time has finally arrived! It’s official. Apple released 100 new emojis last week and one of them is the owl emoji 🦉. Hoot, hoot! 🙌 🦉 Remember to update your devices. (Unfortunately, a softball still did not make the cut.)

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WordPress .Blog Domain Reveal

If anyone is interested in a fresh new domain name full of more available opportunities, go check out WordPress .blog now. You can sign up before it goes live on November 21st. This is for everyone, not just WordPress users. And it looks like the standard fee is $30 per year. It’s a brilliant domain!…

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Time To Make The Donuts

Well, folks… I am officially entering the full-time corporate workforce beginning tomorrow. This is just a bit of me worrying that you guys will be thinking I might run off into the corporate sunset. Nope. Please be reassured that I will be lurking about in the blogosphere behind the scenes… and most likely during my…

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Tentative New Blog Theme

I have been struggling during the last few days to find that perfect theme for my blog. I wanted something clean and yet, fun. So this was the best one that I found. What do you think? All that busy nonsense which was my side bar is now located at the bottom of the page.…

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