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Join The Oval #ShapeAdventure

For the month of March, we will adventure out and find oval shapes everywhere. For more details about this monthly challenge, feel free to read my post here. It wasn’t too difficult to find ovals. My blog site has plenty of them like my header!!! 😊 And then we have our lovely TV remote control at…

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Santa’s Little Helper

If you have an opportunity to donate to the Marine Toys For Tots, please do so. Children in need deserve a nice Christmas gift this year. It’s been a rough year and I hope you will consider helping out. Please check their website or find your local Toys For Tots program near you. My husband…

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Inktober Days 8-14

I have managed to do a few quick sketches everyday which put me ahead of the game. It feels great! I plan to post only 7 per week. Just to keep you guys guessing. My favorite doodle is number 10 – jump. 😍 Here are my submissions for this past week:

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Inktober: My Weekly Edition

As most of you may already know, this month is celebrated by people all over the world with their creative inked artwork called Inktober. I couldn’t miss out on this fun challenge so I have decided to take part by posting weekly due to my work schedule. If anyone is interested, just tag your work…

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