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Free Falling

frosty cool weather is near (3-4) sunny by day, frigid by night (4-4) falling leaves twisting, winding (3-4) freely around his big, old tree (4-4) celebrate with a bundled up (3-5) walking journey through the woods (4-3) Rather than a haiku today, I wrote a Korean sijo poem. A sijo, pronounced shee-jo, existed before the haiku poems…

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New Caffebene Is Open For Business

Three words can describe this new coffeehouse, Caffebene, that opened near us. Jazzy. Trendy. Inviting. I was anticipating their opening for a while now. I was so excited to see this coffeehouse so close to our home. Caffebene is a Korean franchise expanding geographically. They serve delicious coffee, latte, mocha, bubble tea, and more. In…

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Keeping My Korean Traditions Alive

I am very grateful to my parents and grandparents for keeping our Korean heritage alive while living in America. I didn’t necessarily understand or appreciate the traditions as a young child. But this time of year always brings me back to my childhood days. Every holiday or Korean celebration came with a table full of traditional…

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