Printables For Owl’s Fans

Available below are just a few free printables for the kiddos featuring my Owl. Whoo’s ready to learn some geometric shapes?! Me, me, me!!!

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  1. Owl Shapes Template – a fun arts and crafts activity for the children. Print, color, cut, and glue all the shapes together.
  2. Owl’s Shape Words Worksheet – practice writing common shape words.
  3. Owl’s Shape Words Writing Worksheet – practice writing simple sentences about Owl’s shapes.
  4. Owl Journal Writing Template – write down your thoughts on this wonderful journal worksheet which is perfect during school breaks.
  5. Owl Notes Template for anyone who loves to jot down random thoughts and/or doodle like my preteen. It’s pretty much open to all creatives.
  6. Owl Read Daily Log for those budding readers during the summer months or even during the school year. Having a daily reading routine always helped me.

*All links above are in PDF format.

Have fun with these free resources and happy learning!