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52 Fun Things To Do With Mom

As part of my birthday gift a few weeks ago, I received this beautiful paper-filled jar of 52 fun things to do with Mom. This is so sweet and a great way to re-connect with your children especially with our busy schedules. I wanted to share these fun things with you from time to time…

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Be Thankful

I just wanted to share a quick quote that I read recently. It’s short and simple but has such an impact especially for this particular holiday. And maybe every day. If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. — W. Clement Stone Enjoy your holiday everyone! Get those stretchy pants ready! ūüėČ

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About Owls: #FunFactFriday No. 9

No. 9 Owls¬†have three eyelids for: 1) blinking 2) sleeping and 3)¬†keeping the eyes clean and healthy. Back in 2013, HuffPost published a video¬†of an unconscious¬†owl (apparently crashed into a storefront window) that a Korean man found on the ground. He awakens¬†his feathery friend by saying, “Sir, get yourself together.” According to the Audubon Society…

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