One Nature Exploration At A Time

Another week down. Ah yes, that’s the good weekend feeling we all know.

I ended my week by going for a hike around our local nature reserve. And it’s finally feeling, smelling, and looking like fall here in New Jersey. It was a perfect day for a hike. We found so many acorns and actually set up a table using a flat rock surface so that my youngest can make pretend acorn soup. Smashing acorns. Smash, smash, smash. (Insert visuals here.) The squirrels will thank her later. She spent an hour doing this… her little escape from her busy week of school. It was glorious.

stacking up rocks by MiMi

As we headed out the trail, it occurred to me that maybe I should share our nature adventures here on WordPress. I mean, we post them on Instagram but what about my WP readers. I can’t forget you guys!

So I decided to create a new blog just for this. Hope that you can follow us over there. That would be fantastic! Our first post is up and just in time for Halloween. Still in the process of setting everything up. If you like nature photography, then this new blog would be your cup of tea.

For me, being in nature is like chicken soup for my soul. I had a terrible head cold recently and I recovered so much quicker than usual. Better than chicken soup perhaps. I would like to encourage everyone to go outside and breathe in that fresh, crisp fall air. And then let me know what you come across. Maybe we can get a nature challenge going. Any thoughts?

As a side note, I love using the iNaturalist app often in order to determine what I find. Simply snap a picture and look it up on their database. It’s the perfect nature study guide. I have also added our observations so far and it’s been amazing. They are hosting a City Nature Challenge next Spring which may be fun, too. Mark it on your calendar if you are interested.

Ready to enjoy the outdoors with us? See you at the new blog.


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