New Beginnings

It has been a long time since my last post and I apologize for being so out of touch. I hope that your blogging adventures have been good so far.

With me in particular, there have been some personal changes. And one of them was saying goodbye to the corporate world. It was a difficult decision but one that was important to me. Changing my career path was nerve wracking and I needed some time to really hone in on my interests to figure out my next move. This past summer was the perfect time to do this.

I did A LOT of research and narrowed down my passions in life to: 1) children 2) the environment/outdoors/nature 3) animals.


And somehow, just like that… my lucky stars lined up perfectly when I was fortunate enough to get a job as an assistant teacher for a forest school. Forest schools are part of the new nature movement which is trending in the US currently. If you have not heard about this, then please read up on it here. A forest school is essentially an outdoor classroom in the middle of the woods or park setting. Preschoolers are encouraged to play freely, use natural objects, and teachers are present for guidance. Just picture it… children ranging in ages two to five using their imagination and surroundings to play and have adventures on a daily basis. Being in nature piques a sense of wonder and it’s magical. Now instead of working inside four walls, I get to work with no walls. It’s been wonderful.

just another day at the office

Additionally, I have taken the initiative to start a family nature club called Little Nature Club in our area for families who want to get outside and explore nature with their children. I wholeheartedly believe that children need to play outdoors more. If you are interested in learning about us, you can follow our little group on Instagram and check us out. I hope that families can make time to get outdoors whether it’s every day, weekly, or monthly. Research has shown that being in nature helps in all kinds of ways. I, myself, feel less stressed, more focused, and happier. So yeah,… my heart, body, and soul thank me for this big change.

in dog we trust

When you find a job where you can break up your day while the children are at school and be able to work around your daily schedule, I would jump on it right away. And that happened to be pet sitting. I have the honor to provide care for some cool pets on the side, mainly cats and dogs, which gives me such happiness. I get my exercise, spend time outdoors with some awesome animals, and get paid! Can you believe it?!


It’s never too late to change your career path. Go follow your dreams.

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