A Star Is Born

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that we would make my Owl from scratch. I was going to utilize my mother’s sewing skills but thought that I should be the one putting the hard work into the project. It is my Owl for goodness sakes, right? So I visited the local arts and crafts store, Michaels, last week and jumped right into this DIY project on my own over the weekend. My kids were super excited to see the cool materials I brought home. I did in fact get extra so that MiMi had her own Owl to play with. 😊

To keep things simple, I decided to use the free printable Owl template that I created for his fans as a guide and it doesn’t get any easier than that. Just print it then carefully cut out the shapes. Use those cut out shapes as tracers for the sewing material whether fabric or felt. In our case, we will be using thick felt material in colors brown, orange, white, and black. I browsed through the internet and wanted to see if I can create a simple enough Owl that didn’t require much work.

My goal was to sew all the shapes together rather than glue them. The pieces would be more secure for durability. Then paired each color with matching color embroidery floss (artsy string for making friendship bracelets) using the blanket stitch sewing method around the Owl. Here is a helpful video of how to do a blanket stitch if you are not familiar. Very simple yet very classy looking.

I also bought some fiber fill which is the stuffing for the inside. It felt like a real Build-A-Bear experience at home! MiMi loved this part!

The following are step by step images for your reference:

cut out shapes
buttons to trace the pupils (optional)
blanket stitch
stuffed, well-sewn body
Owl is complete!

I have to be honest… the sewing took the most time and spent roughly about 2-3 hours for this project. Unlike my mother, I am not a seamstress so I would say that it was a big accomplishment. 😁

So please say hello to Owl! We will post his shape adventures here on the blog and also on Instagram. Go follow his IG handle @owlshapeadventure. 2018 will be another great year for shapes! Many thanks! 😊

Owl and snowman circles


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