Black Cats: 9 Lives, Myths, And More

In honor of Halloween today, this is an informative re-blog about black cats. You won’t be disappointed. 😻

Owl Wonder

IMG_0142 Left, Joshua (1998-2014); Right, Jonah (1998-2013)

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to honor black cats all around the world and dismiss any myths associated with these beautiful felines. Let’s give back the 9 lives that they desperately deserve by taking a look at some myths and interesting facts now:

  1. Owners of these beloved felines are not witches in nature. They may be “bewitched” (completely in love) by black cats but not at all, people who make wicked potions over a steaming caldron.
  2. A black cat that crosses your path does NOT give you any bad luck (majority of Americans think this). That is only a longtime superstition. And a combination of two or more black cats does NOT make it worse.
  3. These onyx beauties are not witches reincarnated. That is another misconception.
  4. A black cat sleeping on your bed does NOT point…

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  1. We’ve had several black and tuxedo cats, all of whom have departed and are waiting at The Bridge for us. They were all wonderful companions and were a little goofy, which made life with them fun. I absolutely recommend black cats.

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