Join The Rectangle Shape Adventure

For the month of October, we will adventure out and find rectangles everywhere. Look high and low to explore the world around you.

During our last beach getaway, we decided to visit Ocean City, NJ. This little island off of NJ’s southern coastline was just what we needed as a family. It is known for being a dry town which means absolutely NO ALCOHOL! This may discourage some vacationers but this simple ordinance keeps all the rowdiness/crowds out. We loved it and enjoyed every second of our visit. See you next year, Ocean City!!!

We found plenty of rectangles!!! Please check them out below:

And then a few more… πŸ˜…

Want to join this shape adventure? Check out the details here.

What will you share this month? 😊


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When love comes in the shape of a heart (β™₯️).

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  1. Interesting post. Rectangles have been my enemy. I am presently redrawing over 500 cartoons (single frame) as they are various sizes of vertical and horizontal rectangles. They need to be perfect squares because if rectangular every margin for every page has to be set independently and becomes expensive due to extensive work by publisher’s manufacturing team. It makes producing a book of cartoons not cost effective. If squares of same size all pages have the same margins which is easy and quicker to produce which lowers production costs and enables more books to be sold as they can be priced sensibly for sale. . Redrawing the composition, well I can do one or two a day and then comes the hours of coloring.

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