Triangle Shape Adventure Monthly Roundup

Summer is winding down and slowly come to an end with school starting in a few weeks. And Mimi officially begins Kindergarten! 😱 I will be a complete mess on her first day but will try my hardest not to let her see me upset. 😅

Today marks the last Saturday of August and that means it is time for our roundup of participants this month. Please stop over and see what our fellow bloggers have posted below:

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And to conclude this month’s adventure, check out my short video below from a recent visit to a local zoo. 😉 We always stop by the touch tank which is MiMi’s favorite part of the whole zoo. She loves Ginger, the white stringray, who happens to have two triangular fins.

Next month, we have the parallelogram shape. This is going to be a tough one! 😅


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  1. The little ones grow up so fast! So exciting yours will be starting kindergarten! … I liked the little stingray video. I’ve never seen one. … So far I haven’t found any of this month’s shape, the parallelogram! I’m still trying, though! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I can’t believe it but I know that she is ready. I’m just not ready. 😭 Stingrays are so gentle and on occasion splash you while swimming by. Lol! Good luck to you on your search for parallelograms. 😁

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