Join The Triangle Shape Adventure

For the month of August, we will adventure out and find triangle shapes everywhere. Any type of triangle will do fine.

Today I wanted to share a special (somewhat) triangular find near my parents’ home. For those who have followed me all this time would know that they were out west. Well, things happened very quickly over the past few months and now with great excitement they have moved to New Jersey near us. It’s been an adjustment period and it hasn’t been easy for them but they love it here. Our first triangle find takes the cake this month. So let’s get to it. πŸ€—

The Little Free Library is a non-profit organization who focuses on building community, sparking creativity, and inspiring readers. They encourage and assist in setting up little free libraries all over the world. Each one has a story and dedication on why it was built. Our very first triangle shape find is located near Redwood Elementary School on the way to my parents. MiMi was so thrilled! This particular little free library is Charter #37347 and it was part of a Cub Scout project to promote literacy. We stopped over one weekend and it was packed full of books for all ages.

MiMi was a little disappointed to take only one book 😊
filled with so many wonderful books

It’s so great to have another extension of little treasures outside of your home, bookstore, and library. We will be visiting here often.

Next, we found a few more triangles around the house.

Hunter Plake singing on stage with triangles on The Voice
our outdoor relaxation spot

Want to join in on this challenge? For more details, click here. What will you share this month? πŸ˜„


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    • Thanks, Barbara! Yes, we actually don’t have any in my town but our neighboring towns actually have quite a few. I am pondering about possibly building one in the future. This would also make a nice retirement project when the kids are grown by filling that void of an empty nest at home. Ha! πŸ˜‚

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