Circle Shape Adventure Monthly Roundup

July was a great month so far. Work slowed down a bit and my oldest turned 13!!! 😭 She has grown so much over the past year and now almost as tall as I am. But you know what… she will always be my baby. No matter how old she is. Just a great kid altogether.

In celebration of KeKe’s birthday we took her to Kalahari Resorts. If you like waterparks and enjoy feeling your insides loop around, you are in for a treat! Check out MiMi in the video below, our youngest thrill seeker! And we found more circles!!! 😍

Then while browsing through my Twitter feed last week, I stumbled upon more circles. “Chaffy”Β is a roundish creature who has a Kickstarter campaign at the moment to spread more Chaffies all over the world and document where they travel to in their adventures. It was started by the illustrator, Jamie Smart. For more details about this awesome Kickstarter project, click here. Mr. Smart just recently celebrated his birthday with a #DrawAChaffy challenge. My Chaffy was submitted below. 😊

Chaffy with birthday cake

With today being the last Saturday of July, you know that it’s time for our special shoutouts to our shape adventurers. Circles were literally everywhere!!! So please take a moment and visit the following blog(s). So many interesting and clever finds.


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