52 Fun Things To Do With Mom

As part of my birthday gift a few weeks ago, I received this beautiful paper-filled jar of 52 fun things to do with Mom. This is so sweet and a great way to re-connect with your children especially with our busy schedules.

I wanted to share these fun things with you from time to time in hopes to inspire you to do the same. So let’s get to it then, shall we?

Drum roll, please… (puts hand in jar) my first pick is PRACTICE YOGA. 😳 Now I am not a yogi mom so this is new territory for me. I do know what a downward dog and tree pose looks like but that’s about it. I checked out whether we had any free on-demand TV programs and sure enough there were a few to choose from. The kids and I sweated it out while twisting our bodies in the most difficult poses. This was definitely NOT a beginner’s program. Wow, we were struggling and laughing during it all. 😂 The image below is the Warrior II pose which was one of the easier ones.

If you have a moment, try some yoga or just sit and take a few breaths with your child. Namaste!

And to all the Moms and so-to-be Moms, hope you enjoyed your day today!


Let’s hope the next one is not another yoga-related activity! 🤞😳


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