Join The Diamond/Rhombus #ShapeAdventure

2017 Monthly Shape Adventure

For the month of January, we will adventure out and find diamond shapes everywhere. If you are not familiar with this challenge, please visit my first post about it here for details.

Well, looks like we found more diamond shapes!!!


The rules:

  1. Post anything (well, kid-friendly 😉) in respect to the shape of the month. It can be a drawing, arts and crafts, photo, and/or story.
  2. Use the schoolhouse inspired image that I doodled above on your posts so it is noticeable to all of us. You can resize it to your liking.
  3. Add your post in the comments section or link/pingback/add my corresponding post to your blog. Either one will work fine.
  4. Like, comment, and connect by tagging #shapeadventure so that we can find each other on WordPress and social media.

Now, what will you share this month?


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