Holiday Contribution To The Raptor Trust

I thought that I would share some updates on my book sales so that my readers can see where I am as of today. I don’t think this should be kept in secret since I decided to donate 50% of my proceeds ($1.00 per sale) to The Raptor Trust/TRT. You only have my word and hope that you can TRUST me enough. I will use the honor code to the fullest here.

It’s embarrassing to advertise this but my sales are at a standstill. It’s been months at $13.61. Not good, right?

Let me make one thing clear… Blurb actually has a minimum payment threshold of $25.00 every month to their authors. If you are less than that amount, it will roll over to the next month. As a result, I haven’t seen one cent of that profit to date. At this moment I will need $11.39 more to go and roughly 11 more books purchased to meet that requirement.

With the winter months coming and the holidays around the corner, I wanted to do something special for my feathered friends. With your help, I would be happy to give TRT an Amazon gift card for their wishlist or donate directly on their site. And if you would like to donate on your own, that’s even better. Please note that if I do not reach my goal in time, I personally plan to give a donation.

Winky the Eastern Screech Owl

Help my feathered friends and click here to purchase my book or donate directly to TRT here. Let’s keep them happy this holiday season.

And please pass this along to anyone who may be interested.

Thanks a million! 😊


Update (12/18/16):

I kept my word and have donated a $25.00 Petco gift card from their Amazon Wish List. 😊 Going forward, I have decided to make it a monthly countdown and it is conveniently located in my page footer.  


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