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Last week we received MiMi’s first order from Zenni Optical which is an online discount prescription eyewear site. Today I wanted to share our personal experience.

It all started with her broken (more like mangled) Juicy Couture glasses. Let’s just say that the right temple bent backwards when she somehow sat on it after nap time at school. Preschool problems, ya know?! We managed to save it with a bit of duct tape. It wasn’t pretty but it worked for the time being. We needed a rush order of back ups as soon as possible and Zenni Optical just seemed right.

Below is a step-by-step quick guide to ordering your first pair of Zenni glasses:

Step 1. Get your prescription from your doctor if you don’t already know it. It should be current and not over 2 years old.

Step 2. Upload an image of your face without glasses. The site has a very cool feature where each frame is placed on your face so that you see what it looks like.

Step 3. Browse through the large selection of glasses which includes the frame details like dimensions.

Step 4: Figure out your pupillary distance which is the distance between the centers of your pupils.

Step 5: Enter all the required information for your order.

Step 6: Customize with add-ons like tint, coating, and index. The default includes standard scratch resistant coating and index (thinness of lenses depending on your prescription) so I didn’t have to add anything. Love, love, love!

Step 7: Determine your shipping method. I rushed my order due to our situation and the package arrived on time. All the way from China!!!

My order for two pairs of prescription glasses was roughly around $50.00 with shipping. I couldn’t believe it!

Zenni glasses

MiMi loves the purple metal frames! They are lightweight with stencil floral accents on the sides. The pink plastic frame was a bit off for her. She complained that everything looked “fat” so I think it is due to the frame style.

left: Juicy Couture glasses; right: Zenni glasses
left: Juicy Couture glasses; right: Zenni glasses

Can you even tell the difference? I didn’t think so.


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