With Inktober over I wanted to branch out and continue working on my owl sketches. Tag searches are awesome to find new blogs and challenges on WordPress. I was happy to find SkADaMo and I hope to participate as much as I can. There are no prompts for this challenge so I decided to come up with a few on my own. I will definitely add more owl related sketches but this time they will be factual.

I once wrote an article for a client years ago about supermoons and I thought that I should share some of that knowledge here. Freelance writing does have its benefits.

This November will be the second consecutive supermoon of the year. It’s also called the Beaver Moon or Frost Moon. The moon is positioned closest to Earth and will be 14% larger than usual. It will also be 30% brighter. Next month will be the last supermoon (the Cold Moon) until 2034 so I would highly suggest getting outdoors with a nice pair of binoculars. Peak days are Nov. 14th and Dec. 13th.

And on a side note, there will be meteor showers this time as well but not quite sure if they will be visible with the moon’s brightness. But definitely worth looking for them.

Happy birthday to my youngest who turned 5 today! She was also born on a full moon night.


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