Why We Love Pusheen The Cat

Pusheen is a real grey tabby cat who belongs to author, Claire Belton. She lives her daily life like any other cat. One thing she loves to do is blog. 😉 She has her own site and it’s adorbs. She also manages to publish a web comics series. Just take a quick peek and you will melt. Gotta love her toe beans, too! I will admit that I follow her on social media. She actually inspired me to start working on my owl doodles.

KeKe bought her book, I am Pusheen the Cat, at the school’s book fair. Initially she bought it for MiMi but that didn’t last long. With so many pages of funny illustrations that a typical cat may/may not endure on a daily basis, it’s a must-have for any cat lover. For examples, below are some laugh out loud excerpts from this book.

Any cat owner can relate to these, right?!

We read this book every night and it just never gets old.It’s simple enough for preschoolers and entertaining enough for teens/adults. Such a fun read.

I highly recommend it!


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