Free Falling

frosty cool weather is near (3-4)

sunny by day, frigid by night (4-4)

falling leaves twisting, winding (3-4)

freely around his big, old tree (4-4)

celebrate with a bundled up (3-5)

walking journey through the woods (4-3)

Rather than a haiku today, I wrote a Korean sijo poem. A sijo, pronounced shee-jo, existed before the haiku poems and it’s usually sung with traditional musical instruments like a flute and drum. The structure of the poem is 3 lines but in English it’s recommended to split it up into 6 lines. Each lyrical verse should be 14-16 syllables and the total amount for a sijo poem should be 44-46 syllables. These poems are more metaphysical so I took the nature approach.

  • first line: introduction of the poem (3-4-4-4)
  • second line: supportive backbone of the poem (3-4-4-4)
  • third line: conclusion to the poem (3-5-4-3)

This was not an easy task but definitely encouraged me to play with words in order to make it work! I think I will do more of these in the future. Give it a go!


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