Got Sunshine?

in front of Randy's Donuts
in front of Randy’s Donuts

If you don’t already know, the above image was taken at Randy’s Donuts. This was one of the famous landmarks from Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t stop the feeling” music video. The girls and I love this song so we tried to stop by one of those places while visiting the Los Angeles area. It is not in the best neighborhoods but the donuts were soooooooo good!

So sit back and enjoy some of our sunshine in your pocket while playing the song below. 😉

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled 44 images into a gallery. Each image will have a caption with more information. These were taken in Tucson and the Los Angeles area. It’s a lot to take in so pull up a chair and enjoy!!!

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Here’s a little tip… if you are looking to free up space on your phone, I highly recommend Google Photos. It’s awesome! I don’t know how my phone would function without it.


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