Inktober: My Weekly Edition

As most of you may already know, this month is celebrated by people all over the world with their creative inked artwork called Inktober. I couldn’t miss out on this fun challenge so I have decided to take part by posting weekly due to my work schedule. If anyone is interested, just tag your work using #inktober or #inktober2016 on all your social media outlets. That’s it. The mastermind behind this challenge is Jake Parker who’s an illustrator and you can find more information about his initiative here.

Below is the prompt list and I will try my best to stay within those prompts and come up with something in a timely manner. Let’s hope for successful weekly entries. I enjoy creating on the train commute to/from work so please excuse my unsteady inking. All work will be digital using the Paper app. ALERT: Cute, cartoonish owl doodles ahead… 😉


So here’s my week #1:

1. fast
2. noisy
3. collect
4. hungry
5. sad
5. sad
6. hidden
6. hidden
7. lost
7. lost




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