Loch Arbour: A Hidden Gem

To celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday, we drove down to the Jersey shore on Saturday. She wanted to spend the day on the beach with the family. It was over 90 degrees and everyone possibly in the tri-state area had the same idea.

We were in the car for three hours in traffic and then another hour just looking for a parking spot. I was about to lose it. My husband thought we should drive away from the boardwalk to avoid all the craziness.

We originally planned on Asbury Park but under the circumstances with no parking ANYWHERE, we had no choice but to look elsewhere.

We made a few turns and we drove into an area full of gorgeous mansions. We were nearly a few blocks from the beach and then a generous resident leaving her home gave us her parking spot right under a big tree. We were so grateful!

With our cooler and wagon in tow, we ventured down the block to the beach. I assumed that the boardwalk was only a few minutes away on foot. Boy, I was wrong!

As we got closer, we noticed that this beach was a little hidden away from the main boardwalk. It was actually called Loch Arbour, a small village (not town) which was only two blocks wide and five blocks long.

It was quiet, clean, and beautiful. I was thrilled. The on-site snack bar and restrooms in close proximity were added bonuses, too.

Jumping waves, digging for sand crabs, searching for that perfect sea shell, and splashing around were the highlights of this weekend! And because we were having so much fun getting wet and being covered in sand, it was difficult to take any pictures. Next time I will have try to do that! 😳

Anways, you just never know what’s around the corner unless you look.

Loch Arbour, we will be back to visit soon! Thanks for an awesome time! 😍


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