10 Reasons To Like Bitmoji 

My 12 year old introduced me to the Bitmoji app about one month ago and it has been very entertaining. So I wanted to see if others feel the same way. Below are 10 things to consider if you’re interested in joining on the fun:

  1. Creating your avatar is simple and easy. You can also change it at any time. I hope in time they will add a folder to save the various avatars. They are all very cute!
  2. Instead of sending regular emojis from your keyboard, you now have a huge selection with your personalized avatar including funny texts.
  3. It brings you joy and smiles all around. We want more shiny, happy people!
  4. There are new updates almost every day with cool pictures and texts. Let’s hope for an owl shirt or some reference to owls!
  5. The whole family can get it and share the fun.
  6. It’s an alternative to Snapchat which is nice for me. Although I recently read that they will be buying Bitmoji.
  7. It’s perfect for times when you struggle to text and/or message the right thing. A picture does mean a thousand words.
  8. We live in a visually-enhanced world. Welcome, Bitmoji!
  9. It’s a great way to connect to your teens. I am having a boat load of fun with my kid!
  10. It’s free! Really, really, really!!!

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