Owl Emoji Hits The All-Time Record

Yesterday was a very good day for stats on my blog! Thanks to my Searching For The Owl Emoji post! Not sure how it went viral but with the days going up to the reveal of 38 new emojis this summer, I am certain that this post will get even more traffic. This post was published 2 years ago but I have been updating it with any current news. Giving it love and making sure that it’s timely really helped. It is very exciting to see as a blogger!

Thanks to everyone all over the world for stopping in!

Owl Emoji Stats Full Screenshot X


Owl Emoji Stats Screenshot X

Let’s begin the countdown until we see that cute owl emoji. That time is almost here! 😍


I did a bit more digging and looks like this high traffic is due to some recent craze about Drake, a Canadian rapper, who has his own OVO merchandise line which means “October’s Very Own” being born in the month of October. And his logo is an owl. What a coincidence! Well, I am still grateful for all the recent clicks to my site whether it’s due to him or not. LOL!

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