Five Reasons Why I Published A Second Edition Of My Book

This month I will be celebrating my one year anniversary of self-publishing my children’s book, Owl’s Shape Adventure. I cannot believe it’s been one year already.

For those who have followed along you will remember my book cover with colorful polka dots and Owl in the center of it. Well, I have decided to give my book a new look. With self-publishing for me, I did all the edits and illustrations. I spent long hours on getting things right but even I, who tends to be overly meticulous, will find things slip through the cracks. So I will bow my head in shame and inform you why I decided to publish a second edition.

M with book
My 4 year old with her book

1.The book cover did not really connect with the story. I have to be honest. I was rushing and I wasn’t “really” (subconsciously) happy with the finished product. So I used one of my illustrations which was all Owl.

2. The font before was Museo and it looked nice at the time but after analyzing the style I wanted something a bit more kid-friendly. I fell in love with the Futura font. All the letters are easy on the eyes especially for young children.

3. There was one typo in the original book. AH, the horror! It was surprisingly overlooked by many. And there were some clunky sentences so I changed it up a bit to read better.

4. The first edition was a “photo” book because I was so drawn to the square size with 20 pages minimum via Blurb Books. But I failed to understand that the costs for a photo book vs. trade book are higher. The paper quality for photo books are also more glossy to bring out your photos. Trade books, on the other hand, are more affordable and made with thicker (not glossy) paper. The size of the smaller trade book is 5 x 8 so I had to make adjustments with the illustrations to fit the page. Don’t get me wrong… they are both very beautiful books. I just prefer the latter for distribution purposes. Here is a quick breakdown of costs:

Paperback – $4.99 (via Blurb and Amazon)

eBook – $0.99

Owl book
Beautiful new front cover
Inside Owl book
A look inside to see the quality paper

I have also decided to donate 50% of my proceeds to The Raptor Trust who are a New Jersey non-profit environmental center helping out birds in the wildlife such as the beloved owls. 😍

5. At the end of the book, I added an updated biography and a reference guide of geometric shapes to follow along with the story. A trade book page minimum is 24 so including these extra pages were a great idea.

In January, WordPress bloggers received an informative stats record of the past 2015 in review. I was very grateful and appreciative of all the follows, likes, and comments. It was a very good year for me and I wanted to thank my top three commenters with a surprise free giveaway of my new book.

Please put your typing hands together for the following lovely ladies:

  1. Joey
  2. Annie
  3. Galit

They have been so supportive throughout the year. They are such wonderful bloggers. Check them out!

I will notify each recipient via their blogs and hopefully I can mail your copies.

I will most likely keep this free giveaway going every year so readers join in and comment, comment, comment!

Get your kiddos together and watch my new upbeat YouTube video for this second edition:

Thank you, ladies! And the blogging community! 😊

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