The Word Of The Year 2015 Award Goes To…

A few months back, I found out that the word of the year 2015 according to Oxford Dictionaries was… drum roll, please… this one right here to be exact –> 😂. Yes, you are seeing it correctly. It’s a pictograph or the “face with tears of joy” emoji.

Now before you go crazy on me, let’s read the reason why they chose this word first. You may change your opinions or maybe not.

They decided to choose this emoji because of its popularity. Many have used it across all social media and I have to be honest, I love using emojis to give what I write more depth. A funny emoji can be useful in awkward situations whether via text or blog post.

Majority were not happy with the chosen word but you know me and emojis, I ❤️ them!

I actually created a modified version of this emoji with geometric shapes. Ha, ha, ha.

My Face With Tears Of Joy Emoji

But maybe because of popular demand, Oxford Dictionaries jumped on the bandwagon? It’s possible but we don’t really know that. They did mention a few good runner-ups which were better choices. Eh, maybe next year will be a word like “o-o” and this really is listed as one of the weirdest words in the dictionary. Unfortunately, o-o was a honey-eating Hawaiian bird species that are extinct now.

So…, how do you feel about 😂? 👍 or 👎?


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