#WeekendTimes: Our Love In A Jar

I mentioned a long time ago that I wanted to create a special gift for my husband’s birthday. It was supposed to be 365 reasons why I love him. Well, with the limited time that I have now since working full-time, I really couldn’t put much time into this project. I know, I know… not cool! But I did manage to fill a pretty jar (thanks to Target!) with 53 reasons instead because he celebrated his 53rd birthday this year. And with the help of my oldest daughter, she added 53 more reasons of her own. We spent Halloween night at home when Daddy wasn’t home putting everything together. It was magical.

He said it was the best gift that he received EVER! Every day he reaches into the jar and pulls out one love note.

And with the Thanksgiving holiday just passing, I would like to use this opportunity to thank my husband for always being there for us! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, too! 😄

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When love comes in the shape of a heart (♥️).

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  1. You are inspiring me to do something similar for my husband. We’ve been separated for four months, and sometimes the separation creates more stress than good things. I think I need to work on a project for Christmas. 🙂

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