#SatARTday: A Is For Acorns

This post and any upcoming posts titled “SatARTday” are going to be part of a throw-back series from my A to Z Blogging Challenge which was during the whole month of April 2015. For the challenge, I chose to add illustrated artwork with every letter of the alphabet specifically as a learning theme for readers with young children. And at the same time, use my Owl as the main character and document his alphabet adventure.

I wanted another way to share some of that past artwork and give them a second home respectively on this particular blog. LOL! Some of you have seen them and some maybe not because they were posted on my other blog.

So… to start, here is my very first one with A is for acorns:


Everything used in my artwork was some form of geometric shape whether circles, triangles, squares, hearts, diamonds, stars, ovals, etc. Given the time constraint of the challenge, it was difficult to come up with unique twists and be creative every single day except for Sundays (those were off days). BUT I managed to survive successfully with many late nights. It was a good challenge and it allowed myself to push forward under pressure. Hopefully the kiddos will enjoy them, too! Please pull up a chair and have fun going over each one with your family. Who’s ready to learn some shapes, letters, and numbers? 😊

My next goal is to have another adventure book published using these posts all about the alphabet so any feedback will be much appreciated.

*Please note that the text used here is different from my original post to keep it simple. Thanks!


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