#iPhonePhotography: NYC Workday Morning

Passing through on my daily walk to and from work I have the pleasure to see two famous landmarks in NYC. I usually go down Broadway and when approaching streets in the 20s the Flatiron building becomes more visible ahead.

The following photo was taken from inside Madison Square Park near the main fountain area. I may even consider taking more photos with the changing seasons. We shall see. On this day, the sun was rising up and shining on the building when I took this photo.

The next photo was taken just outside MSP on the corner of the street. I know that many of you will recognize this one. πŸ˜‰

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    • I would have liked to get a front shot but the nearby buildings are such an eye sore due to construction and not too pretty scaffolding. This was definitely a better angle. Thanks, Joey! 😊

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