#WeekendTimes: Harvesting Bell Peppers

The weekends are great at the moment because I finally get a chance to sleep in a bit, snuggle with the kids, clean the house, do laundry, and catch up on my blog. In the middle of all that, my bell peppers are battling some chilly weather here with today as high as 50º F.  It may be time to harvest the few bell peppers that have been successful. Little M and I tried one last night as a light snack and it was delicious. I failed to take a photo of it. We were both so excited and the moment just took over us. K missed out on the fun due to a school activity so she wasn’t present.

Apparently, the best time to harvest them is when they are in full color and about 3 to 4 inches big. The bell pepper from last night was exactly that size and completely green. Bell peppers start out green and then turn color as they ripen more (but also dependent on your seeds). They can change their color to red, orange, or yellow and will be sweeter in taste as time goes on. So this comes down to some meal ideas and preferably simple recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes time. My two girls can eat with appetites of a whole football team. They are eating machines. 😳

I am looking forward to harvesting my bell peppers and may possibly include them to:

  • omelets
  • stir-frys
  • sausages
  • dipping sauce
  • pizzas

If you have other kid-friendly recipes, please do let me know. Thanks! 😊


I hope to post more on the weekends. I apologize for the lack in posts lately.

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