Mary Poppins Umbrella Or Not?

So the recent rain here brings more people with umbrellas EVERYWHERE! My commute has been unpleasant because I am literally walking through the city with my little umbrella and trying my darn hardest to avoid any accidents. It’s really so much strategy involved than one might think.

I thought I might enlighten you with some do’s and don’ts whether you are an umbrella user or not:

  • DO be courteous of others sharing the sidewalk with you especially if you have one of those gigantic bubble of an umbrella
  • DON’T hog up the sidewalk so that others can’t move around you (some people actually have trains to catch!)
  • DO try to tilt your umbrella to one side when approaching another person with an umbrella (we both should make it through to the other side without bumping umbrellas)
  • DON’T let your wet umbrella drip on others when it’s closed (my poor feet and clothes don’t need more moisture)
  • DO buy smaller compact umbrellas (unless you have a whole family under your huge umbrella, why even bother using it… it just takes up too much sidewalk, it’s not easy to carry around, and it’s one more thing to schlep around!)

Thanks, everyone! 😊

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