Time To Make The Donuts

Well, folks… I am officially entering the full-time corporate workforce beginning tomorrow.

This is just a bit of me worrying that you guys will be thinking I might run off into the corporate sunset. Nope. Please be reassured that I will be lurking about in the blogosphere behind the scenes… and most likely during my commutes/lunch breaks. That’s how much I care. 😉

To make this a nice transition, I plan to post about my experiences as a former SAHP (stay-at-home parent) to now WFTP (working full-time parent) as I adjust into my new schedule and learn to balance my work/family life.

Possible fun topics:

  • quick recipes
  • commuting mayhems (I am already jinxing myself here)
  • NYC photos using my iPhone.
  • parenting
  • or suggest your own topic in the comments below.

Stay tuned…

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