A Slow And Steady Garden

Back in late April 2015, I planted bell pepper seeds along with two other flowers (Forget Me Nots and Alyssums) in small pots.

The progress has been slow and steady.

The bell peppers have finally budded some more. One flower bloomed about a month ago so I am really excited to see more buds now.Β I just hope that I will see the vegetables soon before the colder weather comes. Fingers crossed! πŸ˜…

This was the first flower that bloomed about a month ago.

These were grown without any additives. Just good potting mix, some sun, and plenty of water every day.

Here are some bell pepper buds.
Here are some bell pepper buds.

My Alyssums are not doing so well. But the Forget Me Nots have started blooming.

Forget Me Not flowers are in full bloom now.
Forget Me Not flowers are in full bloom now.

And this last flower was part of K’s science project from school back in June and is now in full bloom. I believe this is a Pinwheel Zinnia flower. Her teacher will be so proud.



So for all those with green thumbs, do you think that I will actually see some peppers this season or did I miss my window of opportunity?

I would appreciate any tips.

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  1. I love the forget me nots in pots! I didn’t try peppers this year but I did plant an eggplant on impulse and am having the same question. Maybe next year we’ll both get it right. πŸ˜‰

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