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So Linda is running a badge contest on her blog to anyone interested in creating a new badge for her weekly writing prompt called “Stream of Consciousness Saturday.” I have never participated in it but I have seen many bloggers having fun with it every Saturday. She has a way of suckering me in yet again. Like back in January when I survived her JusJoJan Challenge. It was an awesome time. She is such a wonderful blogger and writer. She never fails to inspire.

Well, I stayed up late tonight to work on a possible new badge for her. I hope you guys like it. Please, please, please vote for me. 😊 And if you would like to enter this contest, please check out her contest rules here.

Badge By: Veronica Grande Of OwlWonder.com
Badge By: Veronica Grande Of OwlWonder.com

I decided to use bright colors and added a bit of pink to match Linda’s blog site. It kinda gives off a hippie sort of vibe, doesn’t it? Peace! ✌️

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