Top 10 Posts and Two Years of Gratitude

Loads of beautiful photos and traveling tips! 😄

Travel Tales of Life

Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of encouragement, your loyal reading, your comments, your quiet support.

Two years ago this blog came to life reluctantly. A self professed techno peasant, my story-filled group emails sent home from vacations seemed more than adequate in sharing our tales of travel. Under pressure (some would call it encouragement), from those family and friends reading emails, we muddled our way through back loading those email stories into WordPress and dove into the blogging pond.

Sue and Dave Travel Tales of Life

Little did we know how much love awaited us. We have met people both virtually and in person all over the world. Our lives have become even fuller and richer as we try to maintain our ‘crazier than a box of frogs’ image.

You the readers, with your visits and views, have chosen the following as our top 10 posts over two years…

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