Sprinkling Celebratory Confetti On Myself

HEL-LO, fellow bloggers! Boy, I have missed you guys!

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and I hope that I didn’t miss much. 😉

Well, this post is just a little bit of a celebratory one. Remember way back when, I had some personal goals in celebrating my birthday this year?!

I would like to share that I have accomplished most on that list already. Lists like that have always worked for me. They put things into perspective and guide me to see everything more clearer too. Do you know what I mean?

First and foremost, I am excited, very excited, to go back to work full-time. I am starting my new job in mid August. And after being home with the kids for over 10 years, I AM READY! Little M may not be too fond of this change but in time she will adjust and love her new school while making new friends.

With a lengthy list of 40 birthday wishes, I honestly didn’t think that I would accomplish so much in just a few months. But everything was working out for the best. One by one, my life’s puzzle pieces were falling into place. I just cannot explain my overwhelming gratitude in words. It’s been amazing.

We discovered recently that a new daycare was under construction right by our home. This will be M’s new school and they plan to open in September. It was as if God opened up the sky and built it just for us. Right here in our hometown. It is family-owned/operated by local residents and within minutes of my husband’s work. This was such a huge burden lifted off of our shoulders. We have our first tour scheduled for next week. So, so, so thrilled!

I have been running/training for my half-marathon almost every day. The yucky humidity and heat have not stopped me from going. I have cut down on caffeine and have been monitoring what I eat. They say even when you don’t feel up to running, you should push yourself because after those first 7 to 8 minutes your body goes into running mode. I have experienced this many times. Currently, I run about 5 miles per day and hoping to move up to 6 miles soon. Just knowing that it’s about my half way point is good news to me. October still looks like the best month. Even when I am working, I may consider one of these gizmos by DeskCycle for under my desk to keep my legs strong. My friend highly recommends it. 😎

K and I have bonded more during our nightly outings to exercise. Yes, she has been coming along with me. Surprisingly! She has kept up with her workout regime. I am very proud of her. We celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday and I just can’t get over how much she has grown. Everyone says that once your children hit middle school… it’s all a big blur until they graduate high school and off to college. It is really flying by. She will get her driver’s license in 5 years! 😭

And another thing that I have been working on was my blog site and layout. Some of you will notice that I have changed the theme once again. I have been playing around with a few but this one seemed great. I hope you agree too.

I have also made an effort to write more for BlogMutt (my freelance writing gig) and I am over 80 points away from Level 5. I hope to finish up this summer with a new, shiny badge. They have changed their site a bit but I think it looks beautiful.

To keep the kid in me happy, I have been using a drawing app on my Mac and the Fifty Three app on my iPad. During my down time, I have been experimenting with geometric sketches and artwork. And some of which are posted on my art shop.

One goal on my list was to overcome my fear of public speaking. This was a tough one but ironically, I received an email about a month ago regarding a free online course through Coursera. It’s brilliant. I have heard about Coursera from a few freelance writing colleagues a few years ago but never took a class. But they have so many interesting classes available for free and I plan to enroll for this public speaking course in due time.

I think that I have been very productive with my time off and I am looking forward to successfully completed my list soon. So I will give myself permission to jump up and down, throwing pretty, sparkly confetti all around me. 🎉Yay!

And finally, on to my blogging schedule. Ahem. There’s no getting around it. I just don’t think that I will have much time and/or energy to keep up with my previous schedule of a few times per week. So I was thinking more like once or twice per month. I know, I know! Not cool! 😳

Hope you guys will still enjoy this blog. I really have a goal to share interesting stuff. REALLY! 😊

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  1. Congratulations on accomplishing so many of your goals! I wish I could say you’ve inspired me but reading about all you’ve done just tired me out. 😉 I wish I had half the energy you do; I could stand to cross a few things off my to-do list. How wonderful to hear that a new school will be opening up near by coinciding with your getting a new job! Everything is falling into place. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    (p.s. the past 17 and 19 years were all one big blur for me with my kids…LOL!)

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  2. It’s nice to read you again. I saw you in my email and said, “Oh wow!” Congrats on getting so much out of your time away from WP, and I’ll be pleased to read you a few times a month 🙂

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