#BallTalk No. 8: What Is A Two O’Clock Hitter?


No. 8

Two o’clock hitter: A batter who hits really well during batting practice, but not so well during games. At one time, most games started at three o’clock, so batting practice was two o’clock. There is also a five o’clock hitter, a ten o’clock hitter, etc., all referring to practice time before the start of a game.


 *please note that this is an excerpt from a page in the “How To Speak Baseball: An Illustrated Guide To Ballpark Banter” book.


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  1. I am a “will swing on almost everything” hitter. If I get a ball low and a little outside, I will crush it, but once a pitcher learns not to throw it there, but to throw anywhere else, they know I will strike out like crazy! Home Runs or Strikeouts, and nothing in-between. The only time I ever walked was when I got hit.

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