The Year Of 40 Birthday Wishes

birthday-cake-380178_1280Today is the day! Happy Cinco de Mayo, Children’s Day (Korea), and Birthday (to me)! 😊

To be exact, I turned 40 years old at 12:45 p.m. in Buenos Aires time zone. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños para mi!

In celebrating, I have put together a list of 40 wishes/goals this year. This is a special milestone and I hope to share my progress with you throughout the year.

So what are my 40 birthday wishes/goals? I know, I know… blah, blah, blah. 😉

  1. running a half marathon (most likely in October)
  2. loosening up more at home (apparently I am too strict with my oldest)
  3. spending more one on one time with my oldest
  4. spending more one on one time with my hubby
  5. planning day trips to the beach over the summer
  6. reading a good book for myself (not from my daughter’s reading list)
  7. changing a few things on my site to focus more on my writing
  8. running almost every day (with or without my children)
  9. enrolling in a public speaking class
  10. booking a day spa appointment
  11. having a girls’ night out/weekend with my best buds
  12. cutting back on diet soda
  13. cutting back on caffeine
  14. scheduling a colonoscopy (my father was diagnosed with colon cancer a few years ago and at 40, it’s recommended to keep that in check)
  15. going to church on Sundays
  16. getting more alone time for myself
  17. finding a good babysitter
  18. calling my parents more often
  19. visiting my almost 90 year old grandmother more often
  20. relaxing more
  21. volunteering more at my oldest’s school
  22. connecting with more bloggers
  23. publishing more owl awareness posts
  24. finding a nice trail for jogging and biking
  25. learning how to use a sewing machine (my mother is a seamstress and I don’t know why I never learned this from her)
  26. working on my digital art (I may post weekly inspirational/wise Owl webtoons)
  27. reaching out to local venues for possible reading events for my book
  28. finding a good dentist
  29. going to the doctors (I haven’t gone in two years!)
  30. visiting NYC with the kids
  31. giving more hugs (my oldest is a hugger!)
  32. donating/volunteering to local nature organizations
  33. finding a full-time job
  34. getting more sleep
  35. trying a new cuisine and perfecting my knife skills in the kitchen
  36. drinking more water
  37. getting a makeover (hair, clothes, the works!)
  38. writing more for BlogMutt
  39. keeping a daily journal for my thoughts
  40. joining a nature walk with my oldest to explore, learn, and appreciate our natural world

Looking forward to blowing out my birthday candles one by one. 🎂

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