#SundayFunday No. 12: Pipe Cleaner Glasses #GGPD


This weekend we celebrate the annual “Great Glasses Play Day” and for this special occasion, we will make pipe cleaner glasses via their website. Unfortunately… with another busy softball tournament weekend, we cannot participate in the nearest event which is Brooklyn. So we will celebrate it at home by doing this super cute and easy craft.

All you need is more or less two pipe cleaners and scissors (depending on your child’s size).

  1. Take one pipe cleaner and form two circles at the ends leaving a gap in the middle.
  2. Take the other pipe cleaner, cut it in half, and add them to the sides as the temples. Judging by your child’s size, you may need to cut less or use more pipe cleaner.
  3. Optional: add some tape on the sharp ends to prevent unnecessary pricks on little fingers.

And that’s it!


Hope you will join us in celebrating this weekend for children with glasses, patches, and/or contacts. Do check out their website which is full of awesome resources.

image17_Fotor Happy Great Glasses Play Day! 😄


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