Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Do The #AToZChallenge


So the participants were asked to publish a Reflections post by May 8th, 2015 in an effort to gather our feedback. I decided to list my top 10 reasons why everyone should do this A to Z Challenge from a first-timer’s viewpoint. I participated and now, I survived walking away with some good knowledge.

You should definitely participate in this challenge:

  1. because it will expose your blog to many like-minded bloggers.
  2. because it will exercise your brain every day.
  3. because you will learn to manage your time wisely.
  4. because it will give you an opportunity to think creatively.
  5. because it will be fun to connect with other bloggers.
  6. because you will grow in page views and followers with each passing day.
  7. because networking is important in this blogging community.
  8. because it’s a great way to push yourself to the next level as a writer.
  9. because the A to Z hosts and team are very organized and supportive.
  10. because this challenge happens only in April every year.

So do you feel like taking up the challenge for next year? It may be another year of waiting but do pencil this in so that you don’t miss out!

I had a blast even though it took some sleep away. You do have to understand that I am a parent with two children at home. I did manage my time wisely… scheduling posts in advance and keeping on track with my posts. I scribbled my notes on paper so that I had some ideas when it was time to post something. You have a year to think about a nice theme for this challenge, too. I jumped on the bandwagon a bit last minute so it was a learning curve as I went along. Letters like X and Z are not easy so plan ahead now. 😉

In conclusion, Owl had a hoot! I hope that you will take a moment to browse through his A to Z shape adventures on my blog.

A To Z Challenge

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  1. I hadn’t intended to, but I find myself thinking about a theme for next year. I decided at the very last minute to enter this year and all that did was make life difficult.

    thanks for your visit, and I hope to see you next year!

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