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First, I have to celebrate today! I survived this A to Z Challenge with flying colors! There were a few times when I wanted to give up but I stayed strong and pushed myself forward. This feeling of achievement is beyond words.

For my last letter Z, Owl’s A to Z adventure ends with his Zzzz’s and continues here:

Owl had such a letter-ific day.

He gets comfortable in his little nook in the tree.

As he recites the letters of the alphabet again, he falls asleep.

Hoot, hoot.

Good night.


Here is a recap of his letters so far:






[F]ish Owl

[G]o Green
















[W]edge Cookies

[X] Marks The Spot


A2Z-BADGE-000 [2015] - Life is Good

This challenge has given me new light creatively as an artist. I feel confident that in time, I can develop something more with my geometrical shapes. I also connected with some wonderful bloggers along the way. So thank you to the A to Z Challenge hosts and the entire team! This month was an experience that I will not forget. My challenge is officially completed! Yay! 😊

For more information about the A to Z Challenge, click on the image or visit their website here.

A To Z Challenge

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