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Whenever I am traveling, I make it a habit to learn landmarks so that I can backtrack just in case there is a possibility of getting lost. I try not to rely on GPS systems because they are not completely accurate. And in a world driven by technology, we tend to forget our natural instincts. Do you exercise your memory and sight for direction?

So today, X is for “x marks the spot” and Owl’s A to Z adventure continues here:

Owl and his uncle say their goodbyes after eating the cookies.

The moon is high up in the night sky.

It is getting late.

Owl searches for his resting place.

The “x” on the ground marks the right spot.


Here is a recap of his letters so far:






[F]ish Owl

[G]o Green
















[W]edge Cookies

For more information about the A to Z Challenge, please visit their website here.

A To Z Challenge

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