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I am a big foodie and the one thing that I cannot give up is the sweets/desserts. I love to enjoy a delicious piece of decadent cake and then pairing it with a nice cup of coffee. Yum! 😍

So today, W is for wedge cookies and Owl’s A to Z adventure continues here:

Owl’s uncle tells him to open the treasure chest with his special key.

As Owl clicks the lock open, he is surprised to see what is inside.

The yummy smell of the sugary wedge cookies fills the air around him.

He cannot believe this surprise.

The key, footprints, list of ingredients, and treasure chest were clues left for him.

They enjoy a lovely night together.


Here is a recap of his letters so far:






[F]ish Owl

[G]o Green
















For more information about the A to Z Challenge, please visit their website here.

A To Z Challenge

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