Stainless Steel Food Storage: A MightyNest Giveaway!

airtight-stainless-steelThis post is in partnership with MightyNest, the online retailer with a positive mission: providing the natural, organic, and non-toxic products that families seek for their homes while also giving back to schools. MightyNest is sponsoring the giveaway and provided a set of the materials to me for review.

True confessions: When MightyNest first contacted me about teaming up for a giveaway of stainless steel food storage containers, my first response was, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Don’t get me wrong: it’s not that I don’t like stainless steel. All the many reasons that glass is superior to plastic for storing food in your kitchen hold true for stainless steel: stainless is inert, dioxin, phthalate, and BPA-free, durable, reusable and overall vastly more environmentally-friendly than plastic. In addition, stainless steel is non-breakable, and hence more durable than glass or ceramic, more lightweight and portable than glass, and safe…

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